Blog Posts in September, 2007

  • Unscheduled Bleeding with Birth Control

    Unscheduled or breakthrough bleeding (BTB) is a common short-term side effect of hormonal contraception. Nevertheless it can be unexpected and disturbing to patients, who will often prematurely abandon their prescribed method without a back-up plan or notifying their physician. BTB occurs with contraceptive pills, patches, vaginal rings, injections, implants, and hormonal IUDs. For instance 10 to ...
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  • HPV Vaccine Decreases Cervical Cancer

    2006 appears to be the year for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the cause of cervical cancer. Last month the FDA approved Gardasil® as the first HPV vaccine, which is effective at preventing approximately 70% of cervical cancer cases. This is due to its activity against HPV types 16 & 18. It also covers types 6 & 11, responsible for about 90% of genital warts. Approximately 80% of American ...
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  • Practical Weight Management Tips

    We often get motivated at New Year’s to improve our health, and weight management rises to top of many of our lists. Some people prefer an intensive program, while most of us simply need to practice good habits on a regular basis. It should become the foundation of our lifestyle. Here are some practical tips: Don’t Skip Meals: Hunger will often drive you to over eat. In addition, our ...
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