Patient Testimonials


“For many years, Dr. Barrie and her team have been a fantastic resource for me and my family,” said Kathy Miedema, a busy mom of two from Union City. She’s discussing the work of Stacey Barrie, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Washington Women’s Health Specialists. “She’s always sensitive to my concerns, has a wonderful bedside manner, and really wants to know how I am doing,” Kathy told us. “Now, with my daughters growing up. I know they’ll benefit from Dr. Barrie’s extraordinary kindness and expertise. I just cannot think of a doctor who cares more deeply about their patients.”


Comprehensive, contemporary and compassionate care. That’s the philosophy of Washington Women’s Health Specialists, and a big reason why 2-month-old Emma Holloway is doing so well. Mom Ellen of Fremont, holding her firstborn, praised the prenatal care of obstetrician-gynecologist Jing Dai, MD, pictured right. “Dr. Dai was a true collaborator during my pregnancy,” mom said. “I really appreciated how closely she worked with me on my birth plan.” When Emma entered the world on September 6, 2019, OB-GYN Jelriza Mansouri, MD, pictured left, led a healthy delivery at the Washington Hospital Birthing Center. “Delivering a baby can be difficult,” said Ellen, “but Dr. Mansouri was extremely supportive and encouraging, and she gave me great tips on how to make it through the process.” And the nursing staff? “They were just incredible,” added Ellen, “and always so quick and attentive. They did everything possible to make me comfortable, and this really stood out to me.” Today, Emma is happy and healthy while “starting to practice for the crawling stage,” according to mom. “I am loving everything about motherhood,” said Ellen, “and I will always be thankful to Dr. Dai, Dr. Mansouri and all the staff for the wonderful care.”

Siobhan Calhoun, MD, helps bring baby Harper into the world

Happy photos of Dr. Calhoun with Alicia Osborn and baby Harper

Now these are some happy photos. Alicia Osborn is pictured with her baby girl, Harper, and Siobhan Calhoun, MD, of Washington Women’s Health Specialists. “When I became pregnant with Harper,” said Alicia, “I chose Dr. Calhoun as my OB/Gyn.” The first-time mom from Danville said it was a good decision. “Dr. Calhoun and her team made the pregnancy an easy one. She always provided me with educated options, and this helped with educated decisions. Everyone was very caring and compassionate, returned my phone calls, and really walked me through the process. And, Dr. Calhoun was there at the Washington Hospital Birthing Center to safely deliver Harper. I couldn’t be happier with the care.” Knowledge and experience count, and that’s why so many women recommend Washington Women’s Health Specialists.