Sandeep M. Kunwar M.D.

Sandeep M. Kunwar, M.D.

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    2500 Mowry Ave., #222
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    Co-Medical Director, Gamma Knife Program

    Discover more about the work of Dr. Kunwar and the benefits of minimally
    invasive spine surgery in this
    Bay Area Healthier Together feature.

    Board certified in neurosurgery and renowned for his work in minimally
    invasive neurosurgery, Dr. Kunwar played an instrumental role in the evolution
    of the Taylor McAdam Bell Neuroscience Institute where he now serves as
    medical director for three of the Institute’s programs: co-medical
    director of the Gamma Knife® Program, medical director of the Endoscopic
    Skull Base and Pituitary Center and co-medical director of the Movement
    Disorders Program.

    In addition to his focus on Gamma Knife radiosurgery, Dr. Kunwar specializes
    in minimally invasive brain and spine surgery. His innovative work in
    these fields and pioneering research in drug delivery to the brain have
    brought him national and international recognition. He has performed more
    than 2,500 minimally invasive operations, and has developed a minimally-invasive
    approach to skull-based tumors and improved access to the spine.

    Dr. Kunwar is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha medical society and is a recipient
    of the Preuss Resident Research Award and the Ronald Bittner Tumor Award
    from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and the Congress
    of Neurological Surgeons. He has served as the lead principal investigator
    for a number of international multi-institutional clinical trials, including
    the largest surgical based drug trial for brain tumors (PRECISE trial).

    In 2006, Dr. Kunwar began his private practice in Fremont, California after
    7 years successful practice at UCSF. He joined the medical community at
    Washington Hospital Healthcare System. He also continues to serve as an
    Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery on the faculty at UCSF. At
    UCSF, he developed one of the busiest surgical programs in San Francisco
    and was selected by world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Charles Wilson, to
    take over his pituitary surgery practice after his retirement. Dr. Kunwar
    received his medical degree and neurosurgical training at the University
    of California, San Francisco School of Medicine.

    Dr. Kunwar's clinical interests include adult brain and spinal cord
    tumors, minimally invasive spinal surgery, Gamma Knife® radiosurgery
    for metastatic and primary brain tumors, and the treatment of pituitary
    adenomas by the endonasal approaches. He has one of the largest pituitary
    surgical services in the world.

    Dr. Kunwar's research includes the development and institution of novel
    surgical-based therapies for the treatment of malignant gliomas. These
    strategies utilize tumor-targeted cytocidal proteins delivered through
    direct intracerebral microinfusion (convection-enhanced delivery), which
    bypasses the blood-brain barrier. Initial results indicate this to be
    a safe and effective method for drug delivery with some initial promising
    results. In the laboratory, in conjunction with Krys Bankiweicz PhD, he
    is exploring the delivery of other antitumor agents including immunoliposomes
    (with Dr. John Park) and viral particles into the brain. Studies in rodents
    and nonhuman primate models are underway in the hope of expanding the
    ability to selectively target tumor cells and deliver antitumor agents
    to regions of normal brain infiltrated with tumor.

    In 1999, Dr. Kunwar joined the faculty of the Department of Neurological
    Surgery at the university of San Francisco developing a very busy clinical
    and research program in one of the best Neurosurgery departments in the
    United States.

    He also works to improve the use of technology to perform standard procedures
    through less invasive approaches. He teaches other Neurosurgeons these
    advanced technologies. He also presents at national and international
    medical conferences on a region basis.

  • Experience & Education

    Experience & Education

    Medical Education
    University of California Dean's Office Postdoctoral Education
    Medical Education
    University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco