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  • Date Submitted: Jun 14, 2022
  • Category: Neurosurgery
John Wright’s unexplained headaches were increasing in severity and frequency. His doctor recommended an MRI. The finding? “I had a craniopharyngioma in my skull,” John recalled. Likely there since birth, it was a slow-growing, benign tumor in the middle of his brain. The pressure it was creating meant that it had to come out. “Through recommendations,” said John, “I found Dr. Sandeep Kunwar, a rock star for this type of procedure.” Kunwar, a neurosurgeon and medical co-director of the Washington Gamma Knife Program, specializes in minimally invasive brain and spine surgery. “We made a quarter-sized hole in John’s head,” explained Kunwar, “and navigated between the two lobes of his brain to safely remove the entire tumor. Our team has extraordinary experience with these types of procedures.” The six-hour microsurgery was on a Wednesday, and John was home with his wife and two girls on Saturday. “All the recommendations were correct,” said John. “Dr. Kunwar and his team have one of the best programs of this type anywhere.”