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Bill's Story

  • Author: Bill S.
  • Date Submitted: Jun 14, 2022
  • Category: ENT
“I have been seeing Dr. Van Tassel for at least three years now maybe four. I had an old-school ENT Doctor and all he believed in doing for my sinus problem is flushing them out — with a needle, mind you. I went to Dr. Van Tassel, he scoped me (which the other doctor could not do) and said my sinuses were just fine: allergies were a main cause. Gave several samples of allergies sprays and we found one that worked.

The second time I was concerned I might have throat or esophageal cancer he came in the room, said “let’s take a look” and the scope was a breeze and he said it was GERD. No one ever diagnosed me with that. Started me on a great new med called Dexillant and I have not had in issue since.

Look, if you want the best ENT doctor with a very kick-back attitude that does not scare the heck out of you, Dr. Van Tassel is number one. We are very lucky to have him here in the bay area. His credentials speak for themselves. And yes you may have to wait but it will be very well worth it. Dr Van Tassel, you’re the best. And thank you so much for the great care you have given me.”