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Jennifer's Story

  • Author: Jennifer D.
  • Date Submitted: Jun 14, 2022
  • Category: ENT
“I’ve seen Dr. Van Tassel for two issues and both times he has been absolutely wonderful! On the first occasion I saw him for dizziness. My general doctor had diagnosed benign positional vertigo but just gave me some anti-nausea meds and some exercises to do. I saw Dr. Van Tassel who agreed with the diagnosis but he was able to do a simple maneuver in the office (moving my head into certain positions) which immediately relieved my symptoms. Hooray!

On the second occasion I developed Bell’s Palsy which is a horrible sudden and hopefully temporary paralysis on one side of your face. The ENT in my medical group plan made the whole experience worse by telling me I had the worst case possible and that there was nothing to do but wait and see what would happen. I decided to see Dr. Van Tassel based on my prior experience. What a difference in bedside manner! Dr. Van Tassel calmed me down and told me I certainly did not have the worst case and that he anticipated a recovery. However he also took the time to call a specialist in facial nerve damage to ascertain whether a particular diagnostic test would be helpful in my case. He also checked in with me several times over the 5 weeks I was recovering to see how I was doing. I highly recommend Dr. Van Tassel if you need an ENT. He is caring, never makes you feel as though he is rushing through the appointment, and obviously has great skill. I will definitely see him again.”