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Ear, Nose, and Throat


How does Inspire work?
Inspire works inside your body with
your natural breathing process to treat
obstructive sleep apnea. While you
sleep, Inspire delivers mild stimulation to
key airway muscles, allowing the airway
to remain open. The Inspire system is
controlled by a small handheld sleep
remote. Simply turn Inspire on before
bed and off in the morning when you
wake up

Will Inspire help with snoring?
A significant decrease in snoring has
been found as a secondary effect of
Inspire. 90% of bed partners report no or
soft snoring by their partne

Is Inspire covered by insurance?
If you have medical coverage, you will
likely have coverage for Inspire. The
Inspire implant is widely covered by a
majority of traditional, Medicare and
Veterans Affair (VA) insurance plans if
you meet coverage policy criteria

Is Inspire covered by Medicare and VA?
Most major insurance providers,
including Medicare, have positive
coverage policies for Inspire and allow
for prior authorization. Currently, Inspire
also is available at select VA and military
hospitals across the U.S. Talk to your
doctor to learn more.

Is Inspire DOT approved?
Like CPAP, an Inspire doctor can print
out a usage record of Inspire to show
the medical examiner that you are using
your prescribed sleep apnea treatment.
By providing compliance, there should
be no issues renewing your commercial
driver’s license.

What does the stimulation feel like?
The stimulation is very gentle and
designed to move the tongue forward
without disturbing your sleep. Inspire
feels like a mild muscle contraction. It
should not be painful or uncomfortable.

How long does the battery last?
The battery in Inspire is designed to
last for approximately 11 years. Once
it is running low, it is replaced with an
outpatient procedure.

How long is the recovery time after the

Like any outpatient procedure recovery,
time will vary. Most patients return home
the same day and take over-the-counter
pain medication if needed. You may
return to regular, non-strenuous activities
within a few days or as directed by your
doctor. Most patients have a full recovery
within a couple of weeks.

How often should my doctor check the
Inspire Implant?

Once you and your doctor determine
the best settings for you, your doctor
will check the status of your device
once or twice a year.

Am I still a candidate for Inspire if I
have a pacemaker or other implanted

If you have another implanted device,
you may still be a candidate for Inspire.
An Inspire trained doctor will evaluate
the device and determine if Inspire is
right for you.

Will Inspire limit my activities?
Inspire should not limit regular daily
activities once you are fully healed. You
should ask your Inspire trained doctor
about any strenuous activities, or those
that entail an extensive or unpredictable
range of motion in your upper body or

What types of medical imaging are
compatible with Inspire?

Inspire patients can undergo most
medical imaging across the entire
body. Full-body MRIs are allowed with
the latest version of Inspire (Generator
Model 3028). Depending on the type
of MRI scan, imaging results may vary,
and specific MRI conditions need to be
followed. Please talk to your doctor if
you have additional questions.

Is there an opportunity to hear from
Inspire patients?

Listen to dozens of Inspire patients
share their story at

Will I be able to go through TSA?
It’s safe to travel through airport security
with Inspire. Always make sure to carry
your Inspire ID card. It is fine to go
through the millimeter wave detection
scanner and to walk through the metal
detector, but walk directly through
without lingering. Consult your Inspire
trained doctor or Inspire manual for more