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Optimal Medical Care at Washington Township Medical Foundation

At Washington Township Medical Foundation, our caring and knowledgeable medical team in Fremont, CA is dedicated to providing advanced treatment and prevention options for our patients in the area of infectious diseases. Once your doctor knows what type of infectious disease you are facing, he or she will be able to more accurately prescribe a form of treatment.

Types of treatment for infectious diseases include:

  • Antibiotics – Just as antibiotics are clustered into similar groups, bacteria are also grouped in a similar manner. Some types of bacteria are more vulnerable to specific types of antibiotics. This is why a precise diagnosis is important. Antibiotics are most effective in cases involving bacterial infections and do not benefit conditions caused by viruses.
  • Antivirals – There are antiviral drugs that have been designed to treat a number of viruses, including those that cause influenza, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes, and HIV / AIDS.
  • Antifungals – Antifungal medications can be applied topically to infections on the nails or skin. There are also oral antifungals that can treat fungal infections of the lungs or mucous membranes. Intravenous antifungal medications may be used in some serious cases involving fungal infections of the internal organs.
  • Anti-parasitics – Small parasites are responsible for causing some types of infectious diseases, including malaria. Anti-parasitics are designed to treat these illnesses, but unfortunately some types of parasites have become resistant to these medications.
  • Alternative medicine – For many years, alternative substances and products have been used to prevent some types of illnesses including garlic, ginseng, vitamins C and D, zinc, goldenseal, cranberry, and Echinacea. Whether or not these substances are effective is inconclusive.
  • Travel Medicine – If you are planning an upcoming trip overseas, speak with your doctor about infectious diseases present in the country or countries you will be travelling to, and ways you can prevent infection.
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