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Esophageal Disorders

Treatment for Esophageal Disorders & Diseases in Fremont

Our Fremont thoracic surgery team at Washington Township Medical Foundation provides effective and advanced treatments for a broad range of esophageal disorders.

Some of the most common are listed below:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) – Commonly known as heartburn, GERD occurs when the valve between the esophagus and stomach is defective, which allows acid and bile to reflux back into the esophagus. Left untreated, this condition can cause significant and irreversible damage.
  • Barrett's esophagus – This condition is the result of damage to the lining of the esophagus caused by acid reflux. Barrett’s esophagus is associated with an increased risk of some forms of esophageal cancer. Once detected, patients need periodic endoscopy and biopsy to check for signs of pre-cancer or early cancer.
  • Dysphagia and swallowing disorders – These disorders can result from a variety of pharyngeal and esophageal conditions such as inflammation, narrowing of the esophagus by a growth or scar, nerve or muscle disorder, or presence of a Zenker's diverticulum. There are a variety of surgical options available from our team of skilled Fremont thoracic surgeons at WTMF.
  • Motility disorders – These conditions occur when the coordinated muscular contractions of the esophagus become uncoordinated or weak, interfering with the movement of food down the esophagus. These conditions can cause difficulty swallowing, regurgitation of food, and, in some people, spasm-type pain.
  • Esophageal cancer – This form of cancer is best treated when detected early in the disease. Screening is key, as well as paying attention to possible symptoms and taking action.

WTMF has a team of dedicated medical professionals who focus on thoracic and foregut conditions. When you come to us for care, you can be confident knowing we will tailor a treatment plan to your unique symptoms, ensuring your whole health is taken into consideration.

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