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Urologic Surgery & Treatment at Washington Township Medical Foundation

Our medical team at Washington Township Medical Foundation is centered on patient education. We believe in the importance of partnering with our patients, ensuring they understand the procedure they face and the choices and steps ahead of them. We want you to feel informed and prepared, from knowing the right questions to ask to being able to prepare for your procedure.

Find out more about your condition by visiting our comprehensive patient education resource.

What Are Minimally Invasive Procedures?

Minimally invasive urologic procedures are designed to protect patients by decreasing risk, bleeding, scarring, and the chance of complications while also promoting faster recover times, less hospitalization, and overall better and more positive outcomes. These procedures utilize advanced, modernized techniques and equipment to conduct procedures that traditionally required much larger incisions and more invasive intervention by the attending physician / urologist.

At Washington Township Medical Foundation, Dr. Mark Saleh utilizes advanced technologies and techniques to perform minimally invasive procedures in the field of urologic surgery. While many surgeries once required 6 to 12-inch incisions, they can now be performed using laparoscopic techniques using minimal incisions no large than the width of a pencil.

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