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Golytely Instructions

Bowel Cleansing Prep Prior to Colonoscopy

Part of colonoscopy preparation is a sticking to a clear liquid diet. The other aspect is using a colon prep substance that clears the colon. GoLytely is an oral solution that combines a laxative and electrolytes to cleanse the bowel prior to a colonoscopy procedure. This ensures that the doctor can obtain a clear view of the colon. Failure to follow instructions carefully could result in the colonoscopy being unsuccessful. It may need to be repeated.

How to take GoLytely:

  • Five days prior to your appointment: Purchase your prescription at least five days prior to your appointment. Do NOT mix the solution yet. Stop taking bulk-forming agents and iron-containing preparations including multi-vitamins with iron. Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications unless your doctor gives you permission.
  • Three days prior to your appointment: Don’t eat high fiber foods, seeds, nuts, multigrain foods, salad, cheese, or popcorn.
  • One day prior to your appointment: Stick to your colonoscopy clear liquid diet as instructed by your doctor. Follow GoLytely prep instructions on the bottle. Don’t mix the solution more than 48 before using it. Add water to the gallon level point and mix well. Do not add any sugary solutions or flavorings to the mixture. Do not drink more than the recommended amount.

The way you take GoLytely depends on the time of your appointment. If you have a morning appointment, you should begin taking the prep solution the night before. If you have an appointment in the afternoon you can take the solution the same day. Ask your doctor for advice or clarification.

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