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Resources for Patients at Washington Township Medical Foundation

This page contains resources for our general surgery patients at Washington Township Medical Foundation in Fremont. General surgery involves procedures of the abdominal organs, which include the esophagus, thyroid, stomach, small intestine, colon, pancreas, gallbladder, bile duct, and liver. While abdominal organs are typically treated, doctors within this specialty must possess extensive training in treating a wide range of conditions. General surgeons often treat patients with a range of surgical procedures performed on various parts of the body.

General surgeons must have a wide-ranging understanding of the conditions affecting patients and encompassing metabolism, immunology, pathology, wound care, shock / resuscitation, intensive care, anatomy, physiology, neoplasia, and more. They must be able to diagnose and operate on the ailments and conditions that affect the abdominal organs. A general surgeon must also be able to stay current on updates within the field, which include new techniques and approaches to surgery including minimally invasive techniques.

Our general surgery team at Washington Township Medical Foundation is highly skilled and experienced, and dedicated to excellence as we maintain the highest standards of patients care. We also believe in the importance of education as part of what we do. Learn more about general surgery on this page, or contact our office if you have questions about preparing for surgery. These videos from Dr. Dugoni may help answer some questions you have in preparation for your procedure.

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