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Open Surgery Procedures at Washington Township Medical Foundation

On this page, learn about the surgical treatments provided by our general surgery team at Washington Township Medical Foundation. These procedures are conducted by our experienced and accomplished staff in a state of the art facility designed to provide the best care for our patients. Located in Fremont, we are pleased to serve patients from throughout the Bay Area, Oakland, and the Silicon Valley, always upholding our reputation for quality and adherence to the highest standards of patient care.

These treatments include:

  • Anal Rectal Surgery
  • Breast Surgery
  • Endocrine Surgery
  • Gallbladder Surgery (Cholecystectomy)
  • Hemorrhoid Surgery
  • Hernia Repair
  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair
  • Parathyroid Surgery
  • Pilonidal Surgery
  • Specialized Catheters
  • Thyroid Surgery
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