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Head injuries can cause swelling within the brain, pressure in the skull, brain cell damage, damage to blood vessels within the head, and more. These types of injuries are a leading cause of disability and death among adults in the United States. From minor bumps to major damage such as an open wound or fractured skull bone, head injuries can cause a range of symptoms and effects. It is important to call your doctor if you have any questions about a head injury.

Individuals at the highest risk for head injuries include:

  • Young children, from newborns to four years of age
  • Young adults age 15 to 24
  • Older adults above the age of 74

Traumatic Brain Injuries

WTMF treats a broad range of head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of death and injury in the United States. In 2010, there were over 2.5 emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths caused in full or in part by TBIs. Brain injuries can cause a broad range of symptoms. They can be difficult to diagnose due to their elusive symptoms. If you or a loved one sustained a head injury, it is crucial to be vigilant. If you see any symptoms, contact your doctor.

Concussion Care

Concussions are also known as minor traumatic brain injuries. These types of head injuries often cause temporary confusion, disorientation, or a loss of awareness, usually lasting for a period of minutes or hours. If you suspect a concussion, see your doctor at Washington Township Medical Foundation Orthopaedics.

Rest is very important during this time. If you experience a headache, talk with your doctor about which pain relievers are safe to use, as some—such as ibuprofen and aspirin—may increase your risk of bleeding. Ask your doctor when it will be safe for you to return to organized sports, vigorous exercise, and other forms of activity and exertion after your concussion. It is important to closely follow your doctor’s orders to prevent irreversible damage after a concussion. Even a minor head injury is a serious matter.

Find out more about head and neck injuries at this site, which is presented by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and OrthoInfo:

Make an appointment with the Fremont orthopaedic and sports medicine team at Washington Township Medical Foundation Orthopaedics if you have questions.

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