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Treating Patients With Disabilities in Fremont

Orthoses are special devices that can be used to support the limbs and other parts of the body in order to correct disorders affecting them. Orthotic deices may include braces, splints, wraps, and other devices. Our physiatry team at Washington Township Medical Foundation may use orthoses to help patients suffering from different types of disabilities and conditions that cause pain.

There are different types of orthotic devices, including:

  • Cervica – Cervical orthoses are used to treat cervical spine injuries. These types of orthotic devices circle around the neck, supporting the patient’s chin. They may be used anywhere from the jaw to the chest, and are designed to treat injuries, support patients who are weak, or stabilize a patient after an operation.
  • Thoracic – Cervical thoracic orthoses help stabilize the cervical and upper thoracic spine in order to provide control and immobilization. This advanced, three-part cervical thoracic orthotic device consists of a three-in-one system that allows for gradual phases of recovery.
  • Lumbosacral – Lumbosacral orthotics support the lumbar spine. There are different types of lumbosacral orthotics. The basic type is a plastic clamshell type made of two pieces, covering the pelvis to mid-back. This lumbosacral orthotic design stabilizes the spine post-surgery or can be used to protect fractured vertebrae.
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