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Treatments for Lung Conditions at Washington Township Medical Foundation

There is a broad range of pulmonary conditions that can affect patients of all ages. Pulmonary conditions impact the lungs. Your lungs serve a key role in your respiratory system, which is a set of organs and tissues that collectively allow you to breathe. Your body’s cells require oxygen for survival. Your respiratory system performs two main essential tasks: Moving fresh air into your body, and taking waste gases out of your body.

Some of the conditions, illnesses, and other factors that can affect your lungs include:

Protecting Your Lungs

Over time, our lung capacity experiences a natural decline. There are steps you can take, however, to protect your lungs and to ensure that they stay strong and healthy as you age.

Some of the best tips for protecting your lungs include:

  • Avoid smoking – Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer in the United States. Smoke can impair breathing, cause chronic inflammation or swelling, and can permanently destroy lung tissue.
  • Avoid pollution – Outdoor air pollution, chemical exposure, radon, and secondhand smoke are all factors that can contribute to lung damage.
  • Exercise regularly – You can increase your lung capacity through regular exercise.
  • See your doctor – It’s important to schedule regular visits with your Fremont doctor at Washington Township Medical Center to help catch any potential problems, including signs of lung disease, before they become severe.
  • Avoid illness – Respiratory sicknesses including the common cold can become dangerous in some cases. Take regular, common sense steps to avoid infection by practicing good hygiene, getting your yearly flu shot, brushing your teeth, and staying safe during flu season.
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