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Pulmonary Fibrosis

What Is Pulmonary Fibrosis?

There are a group of diseases known as interstitial lung diseases—pulmonary fibrosis is among these conditions. Pulmonary fibrosis causes lung scarring, which can interfere with the patient’s breathing over a long or short period of time. In some cases, the cause of the condition is clear—such as a viral infection, a history of cigarette smoking, certain medications, pollutants in the environment, gastroesophageal reflex disease (GERD which causes stomach acid to back up into the throat and may be threated into the lungs, and genetics. In others cases, the cause is not clear. There is not always a plainly identifiable cause for every instance of pulmonary fibrosis. When a direct cause cannot be found, this is known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

Symptoms of Pulmonary Fibrosis

Common symptoms of this condition include:

  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath, especially exercise induced
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Shallow, rapid breathing
  • Aching muscles and joints
  • Clubbing of fingers and toes

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is wise to see your doctor at Washington Township Medical Foundation right away. There are certain treatments and therapies available. The sooner you get started, the better, as lung damage can be irreparable. Visit our Fremont pulmonary specialists today.

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