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Electrophysiology Procedures

Diagnosing & Treating Arrhythmia

In an electrophysiology procedure (EP), patients are diagnosed and treated for irregular heartbeats. They are performed at hospitals equipped with the proper equipment, like Washington Township Medical Foundation. If you have been diagnosed with, or have symptoms of arrhythmia, such as chest pains, dizziness, shortness of breath, mention these to your doctor and he may recommend an EP. In many cases, these procedures can be used to establish a normal heart rhythm.


The following EP procedures are performed at WTMF:

  • Implantable Loop Recorder – These are small, thin devices planted under the skin of the chest that record the heart’s electrical activity. They provide physicians with important information about the heart’s response to stress and other factors.
  • Electrical cardioversion – During this treatment, patients are sedated as electrodes are placed on their chest and deliver an electroshock to the heart. These shocks should stimulate the heart to normal function.
  • Pacemaker/ICD Implant – This is an involved surgery where a small incision is made and a pacemaker is placed near the heart. The device should help the heart maintain a normal rhythm through electrical impulses or shocks.

The exact steps of an EP vary from patient to patient. reach out to your doctor about your recommended procedure to learn specific details.

Washington Township Medical Foundation provides electrophysiology procedures in Fremont for patients suffering from irregular heartbeats. Our knowledgeable medical professionals will recommend a procedure if they believe it will make a significant difference in your cardiovascular health.

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