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Treatment for Irregular Heartbeats in Fremont

Cardioversions are highly effective treatments for arrhythmia that should return an irregular heartbeat to normal. The most common disorders it treats are atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter, which interfere with the electrical signals sent to and from the heart. Cardioversion is usually a scheduled procedure, where a doctor recommends the treatment and the patient has time to prepare. In cases where a doctor believes the irregular heart beat puts the patient at high risk for a stroke, they may recommend the procedure begin right away.

Preparing for the Operation

Doctors will typically schedule the cardioversion a few days after deciding the operation is necessary so that patients can do a few things to prepare:

  • Abstain from eating or drinking for 12 hours beforehand
  • A transesophageal echocardiogram may be recommended so the doctor can thoroughly examine the heart before the operation
  • If patients are diagnosed with blood clots, the physician should prescribe blood thinners to remove the clots and reduce risk of complications

How it Works

When the time comes to perform the cardioversion, electrodes will be placed on your chest. You will likely be given sedatives and medication to reduce discomfort during the operation. A defibrillator will track your heart rate and deliver electrical shocks at key intervals that should restore the heart to a normal rhythm.

The medications should eliminate any potential pain. Most patients come out of the surgery unaware they even received electrical shocks.

When the procedure is over, a doctor or nurse will monitor you for about an hour. If everything seems normal, you will probably be allowed to go home and rest. Medications may be prescribed and a diet recommended to ensure that the heart stays healthy for years to come.

Contact Washington Township Medical Foundation if you believe you have an irregular heart beat and could benefit from a cardioversion or other electrophysiology procedure.

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