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Implantable Loop Recorder

Advanced Tracking of Electrical Heart Activity

The Implantable Loop recorder (ILR) is a very small, thin device that is placed just under the skin of the chest. Once implanted, it is able to record the heart’s electrical activity and provide a physician with valuable information on what may be causing a patient’s seizures, fainting spells, or dizziness.

ILRs start recording under 2 conditions:

  • Doctors set a parameter of “acceptable heart rates.” If the heart falls below or rises above this range, the ILR begins recording. As ILRs are painless, the patient will be unaware the device has started to record.
  • Patients are provided with an activator that allows them to trigger an ILR whenever they feel lightheaded or dizzy.

The Implant Procedure

At Washington Township Medical Foundation, your implant will be administered by skilled surgeons and electrophysiologists. After having heart rate, blood pressure, and other factors checked, an anesthetic will be administered. A small incision is made and the LRI is securely placed under the skin close to the heart.

The procedure is minimally invasive, and many patients do not even feel any discomfort during or after the operation. If any pain persists after the operation, contact your physician.

How Does an ILR Help?

ILRs are primarily used for diagnostic purposes. By reviewing what times the device started recording and discussing the circumstances with the patient, physicians can determine the cause of fainting spells and seizures. Appropriate treatments can then be prescribed.

Implantable Loop Recorder procedures are available in Fremont and the surrounding areas at Washington Township Medical Foundation. Contact us if you have questions about the procedure or think you are a viable candidate for an ILR.

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