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Patient Education

“Cardiothoracic” is a term that means “pertaining to the heart and the chest.” Cardiothoracic surgical treatment encompasses surgical procedures treating the organs in the chest area. This includes the heart, the lungs, the esophagus, and structures of the chest. Cardiothoracic surgeons receive years of training in order to provide care for patients with injuries or conditions affecting the heart, lungs, or other organs in the chest. Examples of work these surgeons do include treating lung cancer, diseases, getting biopsies, performing open heart surgery, treating injuries, and more. Our website discusses both heart and lung procedures performed at our Fremont facility.

Washington Township Medical Foundation includes a team of accomplished and experienced cardiothoracic surgeons. We are dedicated to providing our community with access to excellent surgical care. Part of this commitment encompasses a commitment to education and providing resources that can help our patients understand their condition and the treatment ahead of them. Knowledge is power, and access to helpful resources and information enables us to better serve you and enables you to be an active participant in your health and wellness plan.

Find out more about your condition by using the resources provided on our Patient Education page. Our resources include:

  • ExitCare: a comprehensive database of evidence-based document on topics relating to health and medications.
  • MyWTMF You Tube Channel: Includes informational videos about our providers and patient seminars presented by our providers.
  • InHealth: A Washington Hospital You Tube Channel: Includes patient education seminars on a wide variety of topics and information about the Washington Hospital Healthcare System.
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