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Surgical Procedures for Heart & Lung Conditions

Learn about the cardiothoracic surgery department at Washington Township Medical Foundation. Located in Fremont, our department serves patients in the field of medicine involving treating organs within the chest, or the thorax. Typically, this includes heart disease or lung disease—in other words, conditions that affect the heart or lungs. Other thoracic organs include the esophagus. Our cardiothoracic surgeons not only perform surgeries, they also perform diagnosis and treatment.

Treatments & Procedures

Our team provides treatments for conditions that affect the following organs; click the links to learn more about these treatment areas:

  • Heart treatments / procedures, including aortic aneurysms and dissections, aortic root abscess drainage and patching, aortic root enlargement, aortic valve replacement (AVR), Bental procedure, biventricular assist devices (BIVADS), coronary artery bypass grafting (CABGs), combined CABGs and valves, Maze procedures, mitral valve (MV) repair, MV replacement, and Myxoma excision
  • Lung treatments / procedures, including Brachymesh placement, chestwall resection and reconstructions, decortications, esophagectomy, Heller’s myotomy, hiatal hernia repair, lobectomies, thymectomy, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS), wedge resections, and Zenker’s diverticulectom repair

Our cardiothoracic surgeons and staff also work to monitor patients in intensive care in order to detect and treat complications such as arrhythmias, pleural effusion, thrombosis, wound infections, post-operative bleeding, stroke, or wound infection. Our cardiothoracic department at Washington Township Medical Foundation is staffed by caring professionals dedicated to providing advanced and tailored care to every patient.

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