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Cardiothoracic Surgery & Lung Procedures at WTMF

Your lungs are the organs in your body that facilitate the exchange of gases between your blood and the air that you breathe—meaning oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide is expelled. Cardiothoracic surgeons perform procedures on the organs in the thorax or chest, including the lungs. There are numerous pulmonary or lung conditions and diseases that may require treatment from a cardiothoracic surgeon from Washington Township Medical Foundation.

Our cardiothoracic surgery department at WTMF performs a number of lung procedures including:

  • Brachymesh placement
  • Chestwall resection and reconstructions
  • Decortications
  • Esophagectomy
  • Heller’s myotomy
  • Hiatal hernia repair
  • Lobectomies
  • Thymectomy
  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS)
  • Wedge resections
  • Zenker’s diverticulectom repair

We truly care about our patients and strive to create personalized treatment plans that address the unique medical needs of each individual we treat. With a highly skilled cardiothoracic ready to care for you, WTMF provides peace of mind and comfort during this time. Learn more about the surgical procedures and other treatments performed for lung conditions here at our Fremont facilities.

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