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Interventional Cardiology Treatments

The Highest Standard of Care for Heart Patients in Fremont

The physicians at Washington Township Medical Foundation utilize advanced technology and techniques to provide our patients with state of the art care across all spectrums of service. Our cardiology department is no exception. With a high standard of excellence and a reputation for elite service and care, our community can have confidence knowing we ensure that interventional cardiology treatments are made available the region we serve by a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable medication professionals.

Treatments We Provide at WTMF

Some of the interventional cardiology treatments we provide include:

  • Angioplasty – Coronary angioplasty is the surgical unblocking / repair of a blood vessel; in particular, a coronary artery. An angioplasty procedure involves reopening arteries that have become blocked due to cholesterol, plaque, or cell buildup. Over time, significant buildup can cause discomfort and may lead to a dangerous blockage, which can cause a heart attack. An angioplasty is an interventional treatment method and not a major surgical procedure. Your doctor will simply thread a thin tube called a catheter to your heart through an opening in the artery located in your arm or leg. The blockage is cleared by inflating a small, expandable balloon inserted in the catheter. These procedures may be recommended if a blocked artery is causing discomfort or putting the patient at risk for cardiac arrest.
  • Stents – Coronary arteries can become clogged over time due to plaque buildup. These arteries control blood flow to the heart. When the artery becomes clogged, therefore, blood flow is restricted and can cause chest pain and put an individual at risk of a clot, leading to a heart attack. A stent is a small mesh tube made of wire that is inserted into a clogged artery. While coronary angioplasty procedures that do not involve a stent see approximately 33% of patients’ arteries re-narrowing within months, stents help prevent closing of the artery. These devices are designed to stay in place, propping the artery open permanently.
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