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Advanced Diagnostics Services for Fremont & Surrounding Communities

At Washington Township Medication Foundation, we offer state of the art care for our patients who come to us from Fremont and surrounding areas. This includes advanced diagnostics for conditions that fall under the field of endocrinology, including diabetes, metabolism disorders such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, osteoporosis / osteopenia, and kidney disorders including kidney injury and kidney disease. We are pleased to maintain the highest standard of excellent diagnostic services for our local communities, because we believe that when it comes to your health, you deserve answers.

Tests Provided at Washington Township Medication Foundation

Click through to the following pages to learn more about the tests that we provide through our endocrinology department at Washington Township Medication Foundation:

  • Needle-guided biopsies
  • Glucose monitoring including continuous, finger-stick, wearable, and implanted options

What Does an Endocrinologist Use Tests For?

Endocrinologists work to restore hormonal balance for their patients. They often deal with issues related to the endocrine gland. Your endocrinologist may order a diagnostic test for numerous reasons, including diagnosing the cause behind an endocrinological issue. Other causes may include measuring the hormones in your body. Other tests may be ordered to ascertain if your endocrine glands are working properly. Follow-up tests may be ordered to confirm a previous diagnosis.

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