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Glucose Monitoring

Glycemic Control for Diabetes Patients in Fremont

Glucose monitoring is a necessary and routine part of diabetes management. Patients with diabetes must monitor their glucose levels in order to manage their condition and to avoid associated symptoms. There are numerous ways to monitor your glucose levels, however. Choosing the right glucose monitoring method is a discussion you can have with your doctor at Washington Township Medical Foundation.

Some of your glucose monitoring options include:

  • Continuous – Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a method of glucose monitoring that allows for 24 / 7 readings. A small sensor checks glucose levels in your issue fluid on a continuous basis and provides readings to an external monitor using radio waves. Before making any changes in treatment, the patient must crosscheck glucose levels using a meter due to the fact that CGM readings are not considered as reliable as standard meters.
  • Finger-Stick – The most common method of glucose monitoring is to use an automatic lancing device to prick a fingertip in order to measure the glucose level in the patient’s blood sample. There are a variety of glucose meters in this category, which are able to provide highly reliable readings when used as intended.
  • Wearable – Wearable devices allow for continuous glucose monitoring throughout the day. While CGM systems are pricey, they may facilitate improved glycemic control.
  • Implanted – New devices allow for implantation, facilitating constant readings using a small sensor implanted under the skin.
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