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What Is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a condition in which high levels of fluid amass in the limb tissues. Many surgery patients develop lymphedema, including:

  • Between 24% and 49% of mastectomy patients
  • Between 1% and 47% of pelvic surgery patients / radiation treatment patients
  • Between 4% and 28% of lumpectomy patients

Patients are at a higher risk of developing this condition if they are of an advanced age and / or if they are suffering from certain secondary causes, typically related to cancer and / or cancer treatments. Other risk factors include trauma, obesity, and infection. Your doctor may diagnose lymphedema after looking at factors such as swelling, inflammation, evidence on the skin, the limbs, mobility, and functionality.

Rehabilitation for Lymphedema Patients

A Fremont physiatrist from Washington Township Medical Foundation can help develop a rehabilitation program to treat your lymphedema. This treatment plan will be tailored to your unique needs. It may include therapy, including physical therapy or occupational therapy, as well as compression bandaging or garments, attention to hygiene on the skin, and exercise. Weight management can also be a component of handling this condition. In some infrequent cases, surgery may be recommended. For additional information, please contact Washington Township Medical Foundation.

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