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Stroke Rehab Physiatrist in Fremont

Rehabilitation is an important aspect of recovering after a stroke. A physiatrist—also called a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R)—could help you in your post-stroke recovery journey. The purpose of stroke rehabilitation is regaining lost skills, including activities of daily living. These skills are those lost by the part of the brain that was affected by a stroke.

The central nervous system is remarkable in its ability to adapt. You could be surprised at the functionality and mobility you are able to recover. Practicing and exercising these recovered skills is critical. Your Fremont physiatrist at Washington Township Medical Foundation can help you in this endeavor and support your recovery goals effectively.

Components of Stroke Rehabilitation

Your stroke rehabilitation will be catered to your unique needs and circumstances. Some aspects of a stroke rehabilitation program may include:

  • Physical components such as mobility, constraint-induced therapy, increasing range of motion, and strengthening coordination and motor skills
  • Cognitive and emotional components including communication / speech therapies and psychological evaluation and treatment
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