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Women’s Conditions

Physiatry & Disorders Unique to Women

Physiatrists can assist female patients in addressing conditions and disorders that are unique to women. A physiatrist, also called a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating physical disability.

Some conditions only affect women; for example:

  • Female Athlete Triad – This syndrome describes three correlated conditions: Energy deficiency (with or without disordered eating); menstrual disturbance / amenorrhea, and bone loss / osteoporosis. These symptoms can exist in various degrees of severity.
  • Pelvic Pain – Your physiatrist can expertly diagnose and treat causes of pelvic pain / sacroiliac joint pain. Causes may include gynecologic dysfunction and sacroiliac dysfunction.
  • Pregnancy and Back Pain – Up to 70% of pregnant women report suffering some type of back pain during pregnancy. A physiatrist can provide a recommended course of treatment to protect your back and avoid pain.

Speak with our Fremont physiatrists at Washington Township Medical Foundation about the symptoms you are experiencing. We are passionate about providing patient-centered care tailored to your needs. Call today to make an appointment.

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